Five reasons why electric vehicle will be the great success in India.

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Currently, india is lagging behind other developed countries in terms of adopting electrical vehicle. But, the scenario is going to change very soon. The government, as well as private companies and startups, are taking initiative to make the dream of the electric vehicle into reality. in this post, we will discuss five reasons why electric vehicle will be the best success in India.

we can devive the transportation sector or the vehicle industry into some broad categories. They are like

1) Personal Transportation:: This includes the two-wheeler motorcycle and four wheeler private car. Only a few percentages of the total population of India can afford private cars. Majority of the people uses two-wheelers.

2) Mass transportation/Public transportation:: Unlike western countries this plays a major role in India. Most common means of mass transportation here is buses, auto rickshaws etc.

In this situation, electric private cars are not an economical option for people. The mass transportation sector has a big opportunity to adopt the electrical vehicles first. ToTo has already replaced hand and padel pooled rickshaws.

This is the first big step in the adaptation of electric vehicles in India.



Here are Five reasons why electric vehicle will be the best success in India.

  1. Most of the people use public transport in India. So, It’s simple to change the infrastructure.
  2. OLA and Uber services are well organized in India. They can create infrastructure as well as charging stations quickly.
  3. India receives a huge amount of solar energy throughout the day. So increasing number of vehicles will not put much load on the existing electric systems. We can create solar charging stations.
  4. Government is taking the initiative to make electric vehicle reality. India will stick to its plan of having 100% electric mobility by 2030, road transport and highways minister Nitin Gadkari said. the government has ordered few thousand electric cars to tata motors.
  5. Environment-conscious people like you are showing interest in the electric vehicle.That’s a good news.

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