Most affordable electric car is coming from Maruti Suzuki

Wagon R Electric

There are only a few options in the Indian EV market. Tata and Mahindra is the two major player in this field. Maruti Suzuki is planning to enter in the Indian EV market with its most affordable electric car Wagon R EV.

Maruti Suzuki has already sent its 50 Wagon R to different areas of India for testing. They are planning to launch in early 2020.

with collaboration with Toyota Maruti will produce the car. By look, the car will be similar as sold in Japan, not like the Indian model.

Wagon R Electric
Wagon R Electric

It will most likely be manufactured at Suzuki’s plant in Gujarat as the battery manufacturing facility of the partnership Toyota is also coming up there. Toshiba will supply the Battery Pack.

Pricing and Subsidy

The Indian government is continuously pushing companies to develop ev ecosystem. The government has already announced that they will provide subsidy od 10 thousand rupees per kilowatt up to 14 KW pack.  You may expect Rs 1.5 lakh subsidy for Wagon R electric.  Registration and documentation costs will be less. Expected on road price is 8 Lakh.


Current Wagon R has some safety-related issue. In new electric Wagon R this problem will be completely solved as the battery pack will be placed at the lower portion of the car. the centre of gravity will be lower and the car will be more stable and safe.


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