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Wagon R Electric

Most affordable electric car is coming from Maruti Suzuki

There are only a few options in the Indian EV market. Tata and Mahindra is the two major player in this field. Maruti Suzuki is planning to enter in the Indian EV market with its most affordable electric car Wagon R EV. 

Maruti Suzuki has already sent its 50 Wagon R to different areas of India for testing. They are planning to launch in early 2020. 

Bajaj Qute - Four wheeler at just Rs. 60 thousand

Bajaj Qute – Four wheeler at just Rs. 90 thousand

Are you dreaming to have a car but your budget not supporting your dream? Here is a good news for you.

Bajaj is a famous brand in the automobile industry in India as well as abroad. The most selling vehicles of Bajaj in India are 3 wheeler auto and two-wheeler motorcycles.

Bajaj wanted a change in years old three wheeler auto. Now they have come up with a new and innovating solution. They have converted the auto into a four-wheeler.It provides better safety and balance than auto. It is good looking too.