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How to keep Electric Vehicle battery in good condition for longer period of time

How to keep Electric Vehicle battery in good condition for longer period of time

The battery is the most important and most expensive part of an electric vehicle. Battery degradation is the main problem that most of the EV owners are facing today. Battery capacity degrades at a rate of 2 to 5% per year sometimes faster than that. I this article we will discuss how to keep your electric car battery in a good condition for a longer period of time. 

Electric buses in India kolkata

First time in eastern India Electric public buses running on the road.

Few years before the concept of an electric bus was considered as a toy. Now it is true at Newtown, Kolkata. The new town is a newly constructed urban village. It’s greenery and pollution free environment attracts peoples. To make this sustainable HIDCO and Coal India jointly started the pilot project with three white-green electric buses. 

Electric bikes in India

This made in India Electric bike can beat bajaj pulsar

Nowadays, youths in India is very much obsessed with sports bike rather than traditional motorcycles. Both looks and performance are important for them. But the current generation of electric two-wheelers is copying the form factor of a scooter. They also have lack of power and performance. That’s the main reason why the electric bikes are not gaining popularity in Indian market.

Auto Dimming Mirror

Drive safe at night. Use auto-dimming rearview mirrors.

Suppose you are driving at night on a flyover. Cars behind you are focusing their headlights just on your rearview mirror. That creates a perfect awful glare. It’s very annoying and uncomfortable for you. Sometimes it leads to an accident.fortunately, there is a solution for you. Drive safe at night. Use auto-dimming rearview mirrors.

In case of An auto-dimming mirror, it only does this kind of mirror dim automatically when there’s a bright light behind you, it also dims in proportion to the light source it’s dealing with, meaning the dimming effect will be far less pronounced when there’s a relatively faint light in your mirror.