This Chinese technology can boost EV revolution

Lead carbon battery

Battery performance is the main challenge for EV manufacturers today. Local E rickshaw manufacturers generally use a bulky sealed lead acid battery. These batteries increase the weight of the vehicle hence performance and mileage are highly reduced. Lithium-ion batteries are lighter but the cost of them is very high. Here a Chinese company named Narada power has come up with a unique battery solution, especially for the electric vehicle.

This is Lead Carbon Battery.

Lead carbon battery

Lead Acid batteries are most commonly used nowadays. They are affordable. But at the same price range lead-carbon batteries provides some advantages.

  • 1. Lead-carbon batteries have longer a longer cycle-life than common lead Acid Battery. 
  • 2. Charging and discharging partially does not affect the battery performance.
  • 3. Its uses supercapacitor at the negative electrode. Hence provides combined characteristics of a supercapacitor and a battery.
  • 4. Discharge current rating is higher than the common lead batteries that means you it can handle frequent overloading of the vehicle.
  • 5. Charging time is lower.

As the lead-carbon battery is much lighter than the lead acid battery it will reduce the overall weight of your vehicle. It will greatly improve your vehicle’s mileage performance.

Lead-carbon batteries can be used for multiple purposes like

  1.  In electric vehicle power pack
  2. Off-grid energy storage
  3. Backup storage
  4. Automobile starter etc.

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21 thoughts on “This Chinese technology can boost EV revolution

  1. Battery for e risksahaw move to how many battery and move to how many kilometres in one days
    And performance of battery

  2. Dear sir
    I would like to know the price factor of this kind of battery.
    Could you please let me know the details of the battery. Thank you and looking for your reply in this regards soon.

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